Youthful Days

Important note:

Data Protection laws (GDPR) require that we obtain your consent before publishing your name and age in connection with any recognition of your artistic work.  You can download a form here to fill in and send to the Editor.  You only need to do this once.

Bible texts

Here are links to recent colouring texts for you to download, print and colour.  Often, colouring texts that the Editor receives are printed within Youthful Days. Please have a go yourself and send your work to the Editor's postal address or scan it and email instead.

Current texts for colouring:   

Jul 2022 Text

May 2022 Text

Mar 2022 Text

Jan 2022 Text

Nov 2021 Text

Sep 2021 Text

Jul 2021 Text

May 2021 Text

Mar 2021 Text

Jan 2021 Text

Nov 2020 Text

Sep 2020 Text

Jul 2020 Text

May 2020 Text

Mar 2020 Text

Here are links to some previous texts:

Jan 2017 Text Mar 2017 Text May 2017 Text Jul 2017 Text Sep 2017 Text Nov 2017 Text Jan 2018 Text Mar 2018 Text May 2018 Text Jul 2018 Text Sep 2018 Text Nov 2018 Text Jan 2019 Text Mar 2019 Text May 2019 Text Jul 2019 Text Sep 2019 Text Nov 2019 Text Jan 2020 Text