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“I was found of them that sought me not” (Romans 10:20)

Some years ago I heard someone preach on this text.  He spoke about those who had found the Lord even though they were not looking for Him, and it reminded me of some of the unusual conversions of which I had heard.

I remembered the man who heard a noise in the street and, thinking it was a fight, put a knife in his pocket and went to join in!  When he arrived at the street, he found it was not a fight but a street preaching.  He listened and was converted.  He was not looking for the Lord, but he found Him.

I remembered the story of a man who picked up a piece of paper with which to roll a cigarette.  He noticed there was some writing on the paper and he read it.  It was a gospel tract and he was converted through it.  He was not looking for the Lord, but he found Him.

Think of Saul of Tarsus, the man who, as the apostle Paul, wrote our header verse in his Epistle to the Romans.  He was not looking for the Lord as he went to Damascus to imprison the believers there.  On the way he was struck down by a light brighter than the sun at noon.  The Lord had found him and brought him down.

What is the secret of it?  The fact is, the Lord is looking for you, even if you are not looking for Him.  Even if you are unaware of your need as a sinner, Jesus knows that need and is able and willing to save you. He is looking for you today.  Will you open your heart to Him?  The man with the knife did, the man wanting a cigarette did, Saul of Tarsus did.  Every one of them came into the most wonderful blessings.

What about you?

Mark Lemon

extracted from the Nov 2018 issue of Youthful Days