Youthful Days

Featured Article from Youthful Days Magazine


He only had to touch the bier
To raise the widow’s son.
He only had to touch the lame
So they could walk and run.

His gentle comfort and support
Could strengthen up the weak.
A touch to someone deaf and dumb,
And they could hear and speak.

When Peter cried “Lord, save me”
As he sank into the waves,
The hand stretched out to pull him up
Is still the one that saves!

The fingers, writing in the dust
As He stooped down in grace,
Belonging to my Saviour -
Here to save the human race.

We will not find it easy
Along the Christian way,
But if we put our hand in His
He’ll guide us day by day.

Those hands, both pierced at Calvary
To save me for all time.
The hand that helped and healed back then
Is the one that’s holding mine.

Rebecca Bond

extracted from the March 2018 issue of Youthful Days