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He stopped for me!

The time for the start of the Gospel preaching had almost arrived, as a silence fell on the little gathering in the Gospel hall.  Those who had come in good time gathered their books and made themselves as comfortable as they could, whilst the preacher committed the occasion to God in silent prayer.  All that could be heard was the loud tick of the old clock on the wall, its hands moving slowly and steadily towards the hour.

My interest was not in the little gathering, neither in the Gospel itself, nor in the clock on the wall.  I had exciting plans for tomorrow, and time was needed to work the detail out.  I hardly heard the preacher announce the hymn, but I stood up with everyone else and we sang it.  I think the preacher prayed, though I’m not sure, but they usually do.

I heard him speak of the cross of Jesus, but I didn’t really listen because I’d heard it before.  He spoke about the One Who suffered there and shed His blood to wash our sins away, but the Gospel preacher the previous week had mentioned that too, so I knew already.  And then…

My plans for tomorrow were coming together quite nicely when I became aware that the speaker had paused, and I awoke from my thoughts to hear him say “the clock has stopped”.  This was different, what did this have to do with the Gospel message?  My interest was awakened, as he continued “God’s clock will stop some day too – and where will you be?”

If I had heard nothing before of the Gospel, I heard that!  And round and around in my troubled mind went those words “where will you be?”  For I knew where I’d be – still in my sins!  The preacher was speaking again now, but – what if God’s clock stopped tonight?  Would I really have missed the opportunity for Jesus to save my soul?

There and then I turned to Jesus, and owning my sins I found a Saviour, plans for tomorrow replaced by the certainty of a bright tomorrow with Him.  And why that clock stopped, I never found out – was it worn out, did someone forget to wind it up?  I never knew.

One day when Jesus was here He stopped to give sight to a beggar.  But that night in the Gospel hall, when my heart and mind were far away – He stopped for me.

extracted from the Sept 2018 issue of Youthful Days