Youthful Days


How can we know The Way?

How many times have we asked this question?  Perhaps were in a large city, surrounded by a bewildering array of buildings and roads that all look the same, with no clue anywhere of our desired destination.  We ask a passer-by and they give directions, but then soon were lost again and we ask someone else who sends us in the opposite direction!  Who knows the way?  Who can we believe?

Or perhaps were in the countryside, not a road in sight, no passers-by either.  We try to work out the way weve come and pinpoint our position on our map, but nothing seems very conclusive.  Finally, we set off in the hope that well soon reach a signpost that we recognize, but without any real conviction that were heading the right way.

There is something to be said for a track of rails, invisible in our cover picture but there nevertheless, defining the route that our little train needs to take, but even then its possible to go the wrong way if the track divides.  But Youthful Days will tell you of a way that is certain, and of someone you can always trust to be your unerring guide.

Christianity is not a track of rules from which you never deviate, but there is a pathway for every believer in the Lord Jesus that keeps within the boundaries of scripture truth.  It opened up when Jesus died at Calvary to wash your sins away, and Jesus told His disciples about it as you can see from our cover verse.  Find out more about it, for its the way that leads to life.


extracted from the July 2017 issue of Youthful Days