Youthful Days


Time to Reflect

One of the first signs of spring and of warmer days to come is the appearance of the daffodil.  Not that it can claim to be the first to appear, but its beauty is in the carpet of colour that it creates, changing the wintry landscape as buds burst forth into blooms, each one slightly different from its neighbour, but all merging together to create a carpet of gold.

Of course, we take it for granted.  After all, doesn’t this scene repeat itself year after year?  We have to enjoy it while it lasts, because it doesn’t last for long!  But I thought this little bench just depicted our oft-felt need, in the midst of changes all around us, to take time to reflect for a moment what this all means.  These clusters of colour are not some freak phenomenon, but a yearly reminder that there is life out of what appears to be dead.  What message are these daffodils trying to tell us?

I hope that within the pages of Youthful Days this month, you’ll find some clues, and I hope you’ll find some answers too.  Answers to puzzles like - what is life’s purpose?  Are we just drifting through, coping with circumstances as they arise, and trying to make the best of them?  Surely this yearly message from creation is telling us more that that!

Here is a clue to start you.  Jesus died, was buried, rose again after three days, and now lives in heaven.  Many people know Him as their Saviour.  There are many more clues in the following pages.  I do hope you find them.


extracted from the March 2017 issue of Youthful Days