The Stone
Publishing Trust


The prime focus of the Trust is:

To maintain publication of two magazines: - “Youthful Days” and “Living Water”.

To provide tracts, mainly those published by Brian Parr, free of charge to all who wish to distribute them, particularly in the UK

To meet as best we can within defined budgets requests for Bibles received mainly from Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia and Burma (Myanmar).

To administer a book store based at Bromley and return to circulation books of ministry no longer required by their previous owners.

Youthful Days Magazine

Circulation has stabilised at around 2,800 copies per issue. A very encouraging development during 2016 was the growth in numbers of children in Zambia and Malawi participating in Scripture Searchers, Gleaners and Students. This is the result of the work of two pastors, one in each country, who are wholly committed to the spread of God’s word and work amongst the young, and with whom we are able to communicate regularly. In Zambia a number of churches are participating, each with their own pastor, and without their commitment this work would not be possible. Apparently good quality Christian literature for children is difficult to obtain in many parts of Africa, so Youthful Days is particularly appreciated. 

Youthful Days is becoming increasingly a teaching resource overseas in schools in Zambia, Malawi, Liberia and Kenya, and we believe the Lord has opened a door of opportunity for the spread of His word. We pray that there may be further blessing, and that the number of overseas responses by Searchers and Gleaners will continue to grow.
Because of the large number of Bible Class students, it has been necessary to produce a separate list of overseas participants for the 2016 Awards. Further copies of this list, for any who are interested, are available from Keith Wickens – Editor of Youthful Days.

Living Water Magazine

Circulation has stabilised at around 1,400 copies per issue. Translations into Burmese and Chin account for a further 8,000 copies.  Good News from heaven was originally prepared as a supplement to Living Water No 118 in 2013. In our 2015 report it was noted that a reprint of this booklet would be necessary and this was put in hand late in 2016, since copies are still in demand.

During 2016 Keith Wickens conducted a survey of “free-of-charge readers” for both magazines to establish whether those readers, mainly overseas, were still interested in receiving them. This resulted in some reduction in the number of magazines printed. More positively, it resulted in contacts with several people who up until then had been only names on the distribution list.


For the last three years (2014 to 2016) tracts sent out free of charge have exceeded half a million per year. This is a considerable increase on 2011 when only approximately 175,000 tracts were issued.  In 2016, there were 440,240 tracts distributed within the UK and 67,000 sent overseas.  During 2016 a deliberate effort was made to reduce the numbers of tracts being sent overseas due to the high costs of delivery.

Bible Distribution

The main demand for Bibles is from Ghana and Nigeria. Demand from Nigeria is growing and in order to keep within the budget a policy has been adopted whereby established distributors are limited to 300 Bibles in a year. New applicants may get 200 or less but many new applicants are told that their requests are on hold.

The Book Store

The List of Books available prepared by Graham Boyes has been in great demand in 2016. As a result there has been a good flow of enquiries with many books being brought back into circulation within the UK and also in Ethiopia and Taiwan amongst other places.