Youthful Days

Poetry Section

There’s One who knows

There’s One in heaven who knows our need,
And from His throne would intercede,
He answers, oft before we call,
The Saviour, Jesus, Lord of all.

He knows just when the way is drear,
He knows our sorrow, sees each tear;
Would whisper, “Child, you need not fear,
For I am with you, always near.”

So trust Him, for He loves to share
Each joy or sorrow, burden, care;
He wants to bless and give us peace,
Make all our anxious thoughts to cease.

Then as we rest in Him alone
And bring our needs before His throne,
We’ll know the peace He loves to give,
Strength for each day and grace to live.

Until we see Him face to face
And share with Him in heaven a place.
Then we shall praise eternally
The One whose love has set us free.


extracted from the Sept 2017 issue of Youthful Days


Would you like to have riches that never grow old,
Find treasure that’s far more precious than gold?
Then come, search it out, but do not delay;
Look at the scriptures, they’ll show you the way.

See how they point you to Calvary’s cross,
To the Saviour, suffering shame and loss.
He died there alone when He hung on the tree
To save and to justify both you and me.

A soldier pierced the Saviour’s side,
His blood flowed out, though He had died,
And through His blood sinners can know
Their sins forgiven, made whiter than snow.

Jesus rose from the grave, God’s own blessed Son;
Death was defeated, the victory won.
Now He looks down from the glory above,
Waiting and willing to save you.  What love!

By accepting this work was completed for you
Your heart can be made all clean and new.
So give Jesus your heart and you will receive
Treasures untold if you’ll simply believe.


“And he shall be the stability of thy times, the riches of salvation, wisdom and knowledge: the fear of Jehovah shall be your treasure” (Isaiah 33:6)

“Where thy treasure is, there will be also thy heart” (Matthew 6:21)

extracted from the May 2017 issue of Youthful Days