Youthful Days

Poetry Section

My Help

Th’Almighty God who made the world
And all that is therein
Is not too great to hear my voice
When lifted up to Him.

His ear is not too dull to hear
My humble, earnest plea;
His arm is not too short to save
A sinful wretch like me.

I lift to Him my eyes in faith
When struggling in the way;
I cast my burdens onto Him
For He has said I may.

He gives me strength to live for Him,
Gives light when days are dark;
He takes my doubts and fears away,
Shines peace into my heart.

My help comes from the Lord, who made
The earth, the sky, the sea;
I trust in Him with all my heart,
I know He cares for me.

S R Payne

extracted from the May 2019 issue of Youthful Days

There’s One who knows

There’s One in heaven who knows our need,
And from His throne would intercede,
He answers, oft before we call,
The Saviour, Jesus, Lord of all.

He knows just when the way is drear,
He knows our sorrow, sees each tear;
Would whisper, “Child, you need not fear,
For I am with you, always near.”

So trust Him, for He loves to share
Each joy or sorrow, burden, care;
He wants to bless and give us peace,
Make all our anxious thoughts to cease.

Then as we rest in Him alone
And bring our needs before His throne,
We’ll know the peace He loves to give,
Strength for each day and grace to live.

Until we see Him face to face
And share with Him in heaven a place.
Then we shall praise eternally
The One whose love has set us free.


extracted from the Sept 2017 issue of Youthful Days