Youthful Days

Poetry Section

Our God

He has fixed the set proportions of the ocean and the land
According to the details of His plan;
He has “measured out the waters in the hollow of His hand”
And “meted out the heavens with His span.”

He controls th’ unconquered orbit of “the light that rules the day”
And guides the myriad worlds that shine at night;
Brings forth the host of heaven by their numbers to display
The uncontested brilliance of His might.

But although His arm is power in the infinite expanse,
That same unerring arm is in control
To determine and to govern my every circumstance –
To claim supreme submission in my soul.

And though He counts the nations as “the dust upon the scale”
And soars above their triumphs and alarms,
He remembers all about us – that our frame of dust is frail,
And holds us in His “everlasting arms.”

Robert G Fear
(composed en route to France, June 5th 1944)

extracted from the Nov 2020 issue of Youthful Days

Just Alone

Called apart from active service,
Called apart from rush and tear,
Called aside in rest and quiet
His blest company to share!

Oft His voice would call attention
To an over busy heart!
And perhaps ’tis passed unheeded—
Therefore He must call apart,

So that by His hand made quiet,
We may hear His voice more clear,
Undistracted and secluded
Just alone—with Him so near!

Master!  May my heart and spirit,
In this restful blest retreat,
Hear Thy voice with deep attention,
Listen, sitting at Thy feet.

M W Biggs, 1913

extracted from the Jul 2020 issue of Youthful Days

It is finished

“It is finished!” – what a Gospel!
Nothing has been left to do,
But to take with grateful gladness
What the Saviour did for you.

“It is finished!” – what a Gospel!
Bringing news of victory won,
Telling us of peace and pardon
Through the blood of God’s own Son.

“It is finished!” – what a Gospel!
He will wash your sins away
If you turn to Him, repenting.
He will hear you, don’t delay.

 “It is finished!” – what a Gospel!
Jesus died to set you free.
Peace with God, and home in heaven
Can be yours eternally.


extracted from the Jan 2020 issue of Youthful Days

Tell Me, What’s A Christian?

(2 Timothy 2:1-15)

A young lad to his father said:
“I know that I am saved,
But tell me, what’s a Christian,
And how should one behave?”

The father takes him on his knee,
And looks into his eyes.
Then opens up his Bible
And solemnly replies:

My child, you are a soldier,
You’re fighting for the Lord.
You use the armour He provides
And wield the Spirit’s sword.

My child, you are an athlete,
So keep the end in sight.
He’ll give you strength to carry on
And run with all your might.

My child, you are a farmer.
The seasons may seem long.
But what you reap returns to God
In prayer, and praise, and song.

My child, you are a craftsman.
Be careful when you preach
To use the plumb line of God’s word
To keep true what you teach.

Pray each day to the Lord, and take
The Bible as your guide,
And you will find your whole life through
He’ll walk there by your side.

Rebecca Bond

extracted from the Jul 2019 issue of Youthful Days

My Help

Th’Almighty God who made the world
And all that is therein
Is not too great to hear my voice
When lifted up to Him.

His ear is not too dull to hear
My humble, earnest plea;
His arm is not too short to save
A sinful wretch like me.

I lift to Him my eyes in faith
When struggling in the way;
I cast my burdens onto Him
For He has said I may.

He gives me strength to live for Him,
Gives light when days are dark;
He takes my doubts and fears away,
Shines peace into my heart.

My help comes from the Lord, who made
The earth, the sky, the sea;
I trust in Him with all my heart,
I know He cares for me.

S R Payne

extracted from the May 2019 issue of Youthful Days

There’s One who knows

There’s One in heaven who knows our need,
And from His throne would intercede,
He answers, oft before we call,
The Saviour, Jesus, Lord of all.

He knows just when the way is drear,
He knows our sorrow, sees each tear;
Would whisper, “Child, you need not fear,
For I am with you, always near.”

So trust Him, for He loves to share
Each joy or sorrow, burden, care;
He wants to bless and give us peace,
Make all our anxious thoughts to cease.

Then as we rest in Him alone
And bring our needs before His throne,
We’ll know the peace He loves to give,
Strength for each day and grace to live.

Until we see Him face to face
And share with Him in heaven a place.
Then we shall praise eternally
The One whose love has set us free.


extracted from the Sept 2017 issue of Youthful Days