Poetry Section


Christ is the Saviour of sinners,
    Christ is the Saviour for me;
Long I was chained in sin's darkness,
    Now by His grace I am free.

Now I can say I am pardoned,
    Happy and justified, free,
Saved by my blessed Redeemer -
    This is the Saviour for me.

Just as I was He received me,
    Seeking from judgment to flee;
Now there is no condemnation -
    This is the Saviour for me.

Loved with a love that's unchanging,
    Blessed with all blessings so free;
How shall I tell out His praises!
    This is the Saviour for me.

Soon shall the glory be dawning,
    Then, when His face I shall see,
Sing, O my soul, in thy gladness,
    This is the Saviour for me!

Saviour of sinners,
    Saviour of sinners like me,
Giving Himself as a ransom -
    This is the Saviour for me.

Heyman Wreford (1851 - 1935)
Extracted from LW124


'Jesus' was written broadly on the cross,
The proof of glory and the sign of shame;
Disclosing in the Saviour's deepest loss,
The deathless lustre of His holy Name.
'Jesus' - what volumes centre in that word!
Earth trembles: every heart in heaven is stirred.

'They watched Him there' - What went ye forth to see,
Ye who reviled the lowly Nazarene?
Yea, purposed in His garb arrayed to be,
When He on earth no longer should be seen.
O wolves! O bulls of Bashan! Dogs! - all dumb,
Say, will ye mock the King when He shall come?

The priests and presbyters beguiled the crowd
To claim Barabbas - Jesus to destroy;
And mid the uproar, savage voices loud
Demanded murder with tumultuous joy.
'What hath he done?' the Roman Governor cried;
They dared to say, 'Let Him be crucified!'

O day of days! The Lamb of God is slain;
O sight of sights! He bows His smitten head.
O woe of woes! His agony of pain;
O marvel, He the Lord of life among the dead!
O love untold, in Jesus' name made known:
O Fulness, found in Jesus Christ alone!

Behold, ye saints, your banner! Written o'er
With that same word engraven on the cross.
The Lord is risen, He lives for evermore;
Tis yours awhile to share His earthly loss.
Display those crimson folds, that fair device,
The cross, the crown, the name of Jesus Christ!

Hannah K Burlingham
Extracted from LW116


See Mark 12:30

Thou lovedst, Lord, with all Thy heart:
Thy God was all in all to Thee;
To do His will Thine earthly part,

Serving in perfect liberty;
For every thought by Him expressed
Found its full echo in Thy breast.

Thou lovedst, Lord, with all Thy mind:
That humbling path before Thee spread,
Where Thine obedient steps inclined,

Led ever downwards to the dead;
And Satan, when he sought Thee, found
Naught to assail, but lost his ground.

Thou lovedst, Lord, with all Thy soul:
What incense rose from Thee in prayer!
We see death's water near Thee roll-

Thy conflict in the garden there-
When Thou didst say: 'Thy will, not mine';
Strong crying, yea, and tears were Thine!

Thou lovedst, Lord, with all Thy strength;
And Jordan's waters, ailing, fled.
The will of God fulfilled at length,

Now ris'n victorious from the dead,
All is secured in Thee on high
That God desired, for Man is nigh.

Then, Lord, 'Thy neighbour as Thyself':
In all Thy suffering path we see
That we were ever in Thy heart

And Thou wouldst have us nigh with Thee,
To sing with Thee, freed by Thy love,
The praises of Thy God above.
1940 R A Everitt
Extracted from LW4


1 Corinthians 7:29

The time is short in which to share Thy sorrow;
Grant us, O Lord, amid the scene of pain,
To fix our gaze upon the glorious morrow
And do Thy work, our labour not in vain.

The time is short, to our love's recollection,
Since Thou did'st here give all that love could give;
Fresh as the morning of the resurrection
Our hearts remember Thee, in whom we live.

The hour is short, but O what sweet communion!
Thou dost not leave us lone and orphaned here;
Thy joy in us and ours in Thee, Lord Jesus,
Fill the full moments when Thou drawest near.

And led, O God, by Christ, we join Thy praises,
The firstfruits of creation's glorious song;
The hymn the Son Himself rejoicing raises,
Must in eternal anthems merge, ere long.

Father, the time of His most blest returning,
We thank Thee, Thou hast kept within Thy power;
Thy Spirit, with our spirits, here is yearning,
And love divine will not delay the hour.
1941 R A Everitt
Extracted from LW4