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Some of the SPT publications are free of charge and where possible these will also be provided in pdf format for downloading.  We simply ask that you keep the file in its original format and do not re-use the material without permission from the SPT.  Please note that some of these publications are no longer available in their printed form.


Standing Firm

An address by David Burr given 28th May 2022

Lessons from Hezekiah and the apostle Paul on standing firm. 

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Understanding the Times

An address by Ken Hollands given 7th May 2022

What the people of God should do at a particular time depends on an understanding of the times they are in. 

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Four Corrections of Peter

An address by Brian Parr given in February 1994

We can see from Peterís own experience recorded in the scriptures that, every time he had to be corrected, he comes out of it with a greater appreciation of his Lord and Saviour.  

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An address by Ken Clark given in October 2021

This refers to the features that are seen in persons who are marked by piety or godliness.  Firstly as seen in the Lord Jesus and then as seen in three men in the New Testament.

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Four Landmarks in Christian Experience

An address by Brian Parr given in August 1993

This refers to four well known landmarks in the history of Israel and they correspond very much with similar landmarks in Christian experience.

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Selections of Addresses and Preachings by Mark Lemon

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Good News from Heaven

Good News From Heaven

There are now two volumes; volume 1 contains four gospel preachings and volume 2 has five preachings.

"Good News From Heaven Vol1"

"Good News From Heaven Vol2"

Christian Fundamentals

These publications contain many of the Christian Fundamental articles that first appeared in Youthful Days

Christian Fundamentals (Issue 1)

Christian Fundamentals (Issue 2)

Christian Fundamentals (Issue 3)

Other Booklets

What is a Christian?   by A. A. Elliott