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upWhat is wrong with the world?

Most people have asked this question at some time. 

That something is wrong most would admit but the remedies proposed are often contradictory.

  • Statesman confer, 
  • bankers consult, 
  • economists analyse their statistics,

but where is the solution that carries authority or conviction?

  • Experts disagree,
  • conferences break down,
  • violence erupts.

The things which make for good or bad in society are moral not material. Joy and happiness or misery and sorrow are things which affect our spirits.

Deceit? greed? hatred? violence and other evils too which alas find a place in our hearts are moral evils.

Material improvements do not alter these deep seated evils within us.  If the world is in a mess it is because we are the trouble!

We each need to be put right in our moral being.

Here we are in a world of pain, distress and death and each of us is faced with heaven's charge: "All have sinned, and come short of the glory of God" (Romans 3:23).

We are guilty sinners with death and judgment before us! What a prospect!

Where can we look for help?

We can look to God!

He has looked upon us in all our need and He has provided a Saviour for us in the person of His Son.

Jesus Christ went to Calvary's cross and laid down His life as the perfect sacrifice for sin, and on the basis of that sacrifice God can justly offer forgiveness to anyone who trusts in faith on that finished work of Jesus.

God is fully satisfied with what Jesus has done and has proved it by raising Him from the dead. 

We can therefore rely on the finished work of Jesus with perfect assurance.

God is allowing the whole fabric of society to crumble and He calls upon you to own your true position as a sinner before Him and thankfully to accept Christ as Saviour, for 

"through this man is preached - forgiveness of sins" (Acts 13:38).

If your conscience is stirred -

Own up to your past to God.

Rely on the work that Jesus did on the cross when He suffered for sins once for all.

Tell the Lord Jesus in any words you like that you want Him to be your Saviour and to come into your life.

May God bless you.

Adapted from "What is Wrong with the World?"  by H P Wells

up I want to be FREE

The great longing of the human heart is for freedom, freedom to do what we want, to be our own master and do our own thing.

We are irked because our freedom is limited.

  • We may be free to go to late night parties, to drink or experiment with drugs.
  • We may be free to pursue our ambitions, pleasures and lusts.

But we are not free to avoid the consequences

  •  the headaches,
  •  the heartaches,
  •  the painful memories.

The Bible is true. Be sure your sin will find you out!

There was a young man once who wanted his freedom. His father made over to him the share of the family property and with money enough and to spare he was off to build a new life of his own - a life where he could do what he wanted. With the money he had he soon found friends, food and fun, but the fun soon turned to frivolity and then to debauchery.

After a while the money was gone, the carefree days were over. He had spent all and was not satisfied. He had listened to all the solutions to life's problems which poured out of the Godless hearts of his companions and they left him with a hunger unfulfilled and a want unmet.

With his life in ruins he began to think of his father and the home he had left. One day he decided to go home and tell his father what a mess he had made of things and that he was not even worthy to be called his son any more.

Does the story have a familiar ring?

 Yes, you have heard it before somewhere!
 Sometimes we call it the story of the prodigal son.

A story Jesus told to show that however far we have got from God, there is a way back.

We may have thrown away the resources God has given us:

  • our abilities and health,
  • our strength and intellect.

Our blood may have tingled when we set out to do our own thing, but the end has been a harvest of bitter memories, broken hopes, and soured relationships. But in the hunger and want that is left God would show us that He is willing and eager to forgive us, and give us real freedom, joy and peace.

He sees your great need
and in His great love He has sent His own Son to meet it.

Jesus came to bring freedom 

from the tyranny of sin,
    from the bitterness of remorse,
        from the fear of death,
            from the power of the devil.

Jesus suffered on the cross the Just for the unjust. Jesus came to bring us the knowledge of the love of God:

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

Will you believe?

Will you turn from the empty want in your own heart and say in the words of the hymn:

 "Out of my sin and sorrow and self,
Jesus, I come to Thee."