Things New and Old

A New Magazine

From the Trustees:

Many readers will remember the magazine “Living Water” edited for many years by our brother Mark Lemon now with the Lord. His was a unique service which we have never sought to replicate. But we have been conscious of a gap in the regular publication of Christian ministry about which we have frequently asked the Lord to show us His mind.

We have concluded that we should commit ourselves to a fresh publication for which we are indebted to our colleagues Philip Coldrick and Kenneth Hollands as Editors. They would also be responsible for any future editions that might be undertaken. The magazine is being called "Things New and Old" which we hope will convey the sense of presenting items of ministry both past and present which can provide food and encouragement for Christians today. (Matthew 13:52)

There is no charge for the present edition of “Things New and Old”. Decisions about a nominal charge toward printing and postage of any future editions, and about their frequency, will be made later in the year after we have gauged the reception of the magazine.

May the Lord graciously show His mind about further food for His people and sustain them in the difficult days pending His near return.

Copies of the magazine are available on request.

A sample pdf version of the first issue is available here