The Stone
Publishing Trust

Welcome to The Stone Publishing Trust

The Trust is a UK Registered charity (No 1034689) dedicated to the production and distribution of Christian magazines, booklets and tracts.


The Trust publishes two bi-monthly magazines:

Youthful Days  a gospel magazine for young people 20 colour pages with poems, puzzles, and Bible based teaching.
(Editor: Keith Wickens)

Living Water   a magazine for the encouragement and help of Christians 
(Editor: Mark Lemon)

For further details of these magazines, see the YOUTHFUL DAYS and LIVING WATER sections of this site.  Examples of typical articles, including recent features, are available from the drop down menus.


We seek to promote tract distribution by providing tracts free of charge to any who wish to use them.  The tracts present the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ in a simple and easily understandable way.  Some of the tracts have a reply-paid card attached so that enquirers can make contact easily.

Further details are given in the TRACTS section of this site where there are some examples of a few of the tracts.

Books and Booklets

The trust publishes (or acts as distributor for) several Christian books and booklets, including a hymnbook particularly popular with those who visit Homes for the elderly and similar places.  Details are available in the CATALOGUE link within the SPT drop down menu.  

Many second-hand books are available free of charge, though a contribution to delivery costs is welcome.  These books are mainly the works of J. N. Darby, F. E. Raven,  J.Taylor (Snr.), C. A. Coates, and J. B. Stoney, together with other books of ministry and teaching.  Enquiries about these books should be made by E-mail:  or to the address given in the CONTACTS section